Alpha Paging Transmitter

Powerful (2 watts) desktop transmitter for alerting alphanumeric pagers with predefined messages, free text messaging via mini keyboard or via integrated network software.

Our Alpha transmitter is ideal for locations requiring detailed messaging across their site. The powerful 2 watt transmitter provides wide coverage even for built up sites i.e. lots of buildings or concrete walls on site. The integrated network software provides a comprehensive solution for discrete reliable in-house communication.

Feature Summary

  • Powerful 2 watt transmitter
  • Supplied with integrated network software to allow staff on any network PC to send a message to one or all pagers
  • Built-in Clock
  • Wireless pager programmability
  • Pager out-of-range alert mode
  • Range test facility
  • Pager auto sleep mode
  • Range offered depends on the environment in which these units are employed. This is typically 1000+ meters inside and up to 2000 meters outside for line of sight applications. When additional range is required, this equipment can be complimented with repeaters each of which will extend the range delivered. 
  • Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) license is required for this transmitter
  • Optional dry contact module
  • Power supply unit is provided with the transmitter
  • RSM Approved for use in NZ
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