ServerCall Paging System

Provide the quickest and the best service to your customers by allowing the kitchen to immediately call waiting staff as soon as meals are ready to be served and without noisy bells or alerts.

Staff can freely circulate looking after your customers knowing that they will be immediately called when their meals are ready to be served. This results in more effective customer service, more efficient staff, a reduction of waiting time in the kitchen for servers and customers receiving their meals hotter and faster. Pagers vibrate silently on the hip of your servers providing seamless communication between the kitchen and front of house. Our ServerCall system also provides for Manager alerts automatically advising managers when servers do not respond within pre-determined timeframes.

Feature Summary

  • Powerful transmitter which is perfect for all sizes of restaurant or bar even multi-level
  • Durable and sturdy enough to withstand industry conditions
  • Easy-to-install mounting bracket to maximise convenience and accessibility
  • Pagers can be set to audible, vibrate, flash or combination modes at any stage providing excellent flexibility to suit any situation
  • Our “Smart Charging “ eliminates over-charging and extends battery life
  • Batteries can be easily replaced minimising ongoing costs of maintenance
  • Unique base ID system ensures no overlapping with other restaurants
  • Sleep Time options allows automatic turn on and off of all pagers
  • Page ALL button allows all pagers to be alerted for an immediate return to the kitchen
  • Manager pager option allows for automatic alerts where a server does not respond to escalated pager alerts. Escalation of server alerts can be set to a range of time intervals before alerting the manager of a service delay
  • Manager and Manager ALL alert buttons provides total flexibility and improves restaurant communication
  • Pager Out of Range alert helps prevent staff taking pagers away from restaurant
  • 6 and 12 pager charging stations available
  • RSM Approved for use in NZ
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