Which Pager do I have?

If your pager is not one of our current models it may be on the list below and therefore still serviceable. Printed on the back of all Motorola pagers is a 10 character alphanumeric serial number. The first three characters can be used to identify the model of the pager from the list below. User manuals are provided as available for your download and use.

Serial No Pager Model User Manual
123 Timero  
141 Scriptor LX2  
234 Bravo Express  
383 Advisor  
406 Instinct Plus  
492 Echo EC-1  
506 Bravo Alpha  
578 Scriptor FLX4  
584 Scriptor LX4 PDF
615 Freespirit  
665 Bravo Tone  
666 Bravo Numeric  
716 Bravo Plus  
17A Scriptor FLX2  
21C Bravo 100  
23C Advisor 200 (now Bravo 700) PDF
25B Bravo Jazz 200 PDF
26B Maui Megapro 800  
28A Memo Jazz  
30C Scriptor Jazz 200 (now Bravo 600) PDF
42A Penguin  
82A Bravo 1FX  
90A Scriptor Jazz Pocsag  
99A Scriptor Jazz Flex  
  Netvox G100 PDF
  Netvox G579F & M PDF
  Netvox G579P PDF
  GoTwo PDF
  BuzzMe PDF
  GoNumero Flex PDF
  Minicall GoNumero PDF
  GoFour Flex  
  Bravo 500 PDF
  Bravo 600 PDF